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mySPIRIT skincare

mySPIRIT skincare products are certified as ORGANIC products. The certificate Biokontroll is based on one of the world’s most stringent criteria system. More than 95 % of the products’ components are from certified organic production.

Face cleaners

Our bio facial cleansers serve the relaxed rest and morning freshness of our skin. The facial milk full of herbal extracts and tonics avoid of harmful materials care for the effective and still gentle cleansing. Details »

Face care for women

Serums, nourishing and hydrating creams, anti-ageing gel enables the skin care providing harmony for the skin. Bio cosmetics complying the strictest rules pamper the skin of the face with organic agents. Details »

Face care for men

Men’s skin needs special care. Our bio cosmetics calm, nourish and hydrate the skin. After shave and night skincare are enabled by valuable agents of ecological origin and a texture that can easily be absorbed. Details »

Baby care products

The mySPIRIT skincare baby care products are carefully selected, containing active ingredients that are from organically grown plants. It is efficiently but still gently provides help in bathing and for pampering and care of the baby’s and older kid’s skin. Details »

Sunscreen products

The mySPIRIT skincaresunscreen lotions take care of the skin’s intact in a natural way. Instead of chemical protection it provides a physical protection on the skin’s surface: during summer and winter the mineral pigments protect the skin tissue from harmful UV rays like a shield. Details »

Essentail oils

The mySPIRIT organic skincare perfume oils are derived from plants coming from controlled organic farming, these organic oils help with the discrete scent to create harmony.The four elements and the twelve zodiac relate to each other in the specific order, laying out the basis of physical and mental endowments. Details »