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A proper diet can contribute to solidifying the foundation of your health.
What, when and how much should I eat in order to keep my weight, lose weight or live a healthier life? Do I need any supplementary minerals or vitamins? Our health program provides firmly established answers to all of these questions. Through your individual consultation with our dietician or dietary expert, they can compile a diet which suits your individual traits and personal needs.

The body’s optimal supply of nutrients can only be provided through conscious diets.

Our overworked lifestyles, lack of exercise, bad habits or misguided diets can often lead to developing overweight and/or an insufficiency of certain nutrients.
There are general rules for healthy diets, such as the ratio of protein, fats, carbohydrates and fiber, yet we are all different, so it might be necessary to fine-tune these rules. Conscious diets are adapted to sex, age, physical build, amount of daily exercise and any possible existing diseases.