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As a certified therapeutic and wellness hotel, our establishment has played a key role in representing Hévíz therapies for decades and is at the forefront of utilizing the curative effects of local thermal water. We have the necessary medical background and therapeutic infrastructure to apply these cures. As a result of our quality services, our hotel is the proud owner of the Traditional Hévíz Cure trademark.

The Hévíz medical cure has a complex effect, which combines the temperature and chemical composition of the water, mud, air and the climate. Before undergoing the cure, a medical examination is required in all cases which surveys the musculoskeletal complaints and the general condition of the body (heart and circulatory system, possible internal organ and chronic diseases, taking stock of certain post-operational conditions and ruling out any contraindications).

Our physician compiles a customized cure based on the results of the examination which is enhanced by the bathing cure. The supplementary treatments include drinking medicinal water from a drinking fountain.

Good to Know!

  • The Hévíz cure has a full duration of 2-3 weeks.
  • Preliminary medical examination is required to take part in the Hévíz cure as well as observing the duration and frequency of bathing sessions.
  • The results of the medical examination and the recommended treatments will be recorded on a treatment sheet after which the dispatcher prepares a precise schedule for the treatment.
  • Thermal water bathing sessions should last no longer than 30-40 minutes per occasion.
  • Thorough washing with soap is not recommended after bathing in thermal water as the various minerals are absorbed through the skin and take effect in this manner.
  • In all cases, a one to one-and-a-half hour-long rest period is recommended after bathing.