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Programs in our hotel

15. March at 8:30 am Kis-Balaton folk dance groupBalroom
17. March at 8:30 amBereczki Zoltán concertBalroom
24. March at 8:30 amNagyváthy folk dance groupBalroom
31. March at 8:30 amHertelendy Attila’s operetta eveningBalroom
1. April at 830 amFeke Pál concertBalroom

Programs in Hévíz

Date Program Where?
23-24. March Season opening Festival Deák square
1-2. April Easter Gaieties Deák square, Festetics square
13-14. April Flavius Days Egregy
28. April- 1. May Happy Peacetimes’ Hévíz Deák square, Festetics square
12. May III. Koro-Cheese Festival in Nemesbük Nemesbük, Koro-Cheese workhouse
19-20. May Pentecostal Merriment Deák square, Festetics square


Programs in Keszthely

Date Program Where?
3-9. March Week of the Women’s Balaton Theatre
14-16. March City festivity of Hungarian revolution 1848-49 Main square
19-21. April Helikon Festival on different places
29 April- 1. May Season Opening of Keszthely Shore of Lake Balaton
29-21. May Days of Pentecost Festetics Palace
26. May Balaton’s Day Shore of Lake Balaton


Sights in the Vicinity

Balaton Minor 

Balaton Minor is a region located southwest of Lake Balaton, rich in natural and cultural values with most of its area classified as a nature preserve. The region includes the estuary of the river Zala, which was always a swamp-like region known for its fluctuating water levels. Balaton Minor has such rich wildlife (flora, fish and birdlife) that it falls under the Ramsar Convention on wetlands of international importance and nesting grounds.
• Kányavár Island
• Lake Balaton Minor Visitor House, Zalavár
• Castle and reconstructed Árpád-era temple, Zalavár, Castle Island
• Petting zoo – Fenyvespuszta


The stupa of Zalaszántó is the first Buddhist shrine of Central Europe and also the greatest such building in Europe. The shrine is located next to Zalaszántó on Kovácsi Hill, in the middle of a woodland clearing. It contains some of the earthy remains of Buddha – a few splinters of bone in a decorative case.

Sümegi Castle

The Sümeg Castle is located in the western reaches of the Upper Balaton region, on top of a lonely peak towering over the surrounding fields. The lower level of the old tower built in the 1260s is the nucleus of the fort, which consists of three separate units. Various knight tournaments and medieval feasts are hosted bi-weekly at the foot of the castle hill along with regular events from Tuesday to Saturday over the summer period.

Balatonederics Wonderberry Cave

The Wonderberry Cave is located on the specially protected area Keszthely Plateau. Hungary’s eight-longest cave is the longest and deepest such feature on the Keszthely Plateau. Thanks to its size, spectacular shapes and relatively easily traversable stretches, the cave is perfectly suitable for learning caving and cave exploring techniques as well as demonstrating tectonic processes and features.

Balatongyöröki Szépkilátó “Lookout”

The Szépkilátó lookout is located at the eastern end of the village, overlooking the Szigliget bay and calling attention of tourists to the stunning views. The name of the place – szép is Hungarian for lovely – truly captures the nature of the wonderful natural image that visitors at the site can experience.

Kányavári Island

Kányavár Island is the only part of the Balaton Minor region which can be visited without a guide throughout the year.
The island can be accessed through a unique wooden bridge. The National Park Directorate established the Búbos Vöcsök (Great Crested Grebe) nature trail on the island. Consisting of 15 stations, the trail is 1.5 km in length and can be comfortably completed within approximately one hour. We recommend discovering the northern half of the island in the case of shorter visits. The orientation boards present information on the Minor Balaton birdlife. A wooden bird observation point has been established in the middle of the island and the multi-floor lookout tower has been renovated which can be reached with a few minutes’ walk from the direction of the bridge by turning left at the clearing in front of the observation point. A brand new playground has been created for the little ones in a tranquil field south of the observation point.

Festetics Palace

The Festetics Palace is one of the main historical sites of Keszthely. Its construction commenced in the mid 18th century, yet was only completed in the 1880s, subsequent to grand-scale reconstruction and expansion works. Every year, the city hosts a wide range of cultural events, some of which are staged in the grand hall of the Festetics Palace. The palace’s 42-hectare park is a nature preserve, featuring numerous unique tree species. The oldest of the Chine gingko trees planted in the age of György Festetics is 400 years old.

Rezi Castle ruins

The walls of the ruins of Rezi Castle crown the outcroppings of one of the 427 meter-high cliffs of the Keszthely Plateau located northwest of Lake Balaton, at the edge of the village Rezi.