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As a certified therapeutic and wellness hotel, our establishment has played a key role in representing Hévíz therapies for decades and is at the forefront of utilizing the curative effects of local thermal water. Thanks to the necessary medical background and therapeutic infrastructure to apply these cures as well as our quality services, our hotel is the proud owner of the Traditional Hévíz Cure trademark.

The treatments of the Hévíz medical cure have a complex effect which helps you live your everyday life in health. The cure includes bathing in the thermal bath reminiscent of the Roman period, where the pools are filled with the same medicinal water found in Lake Hévíz.

Prior to utilizing the Hévíz medical spa therapies, such as balneotherapy and mechanotherapy treatments, we perform medical examinations, after which our physicians compile the individual cure from a range of treatments in which the individual therapies are combined in a comprehensive manner to serve the patient’s health.

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