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Our grandparents were already aware of the wide range of beneficial effects of bathing. It was no coincidence that they immersed themselves in the social scene of the various popular medicinal water spas for weeks on end. The legacy of physical and mental renewal lives on, yet our possibilities – from treatments to sites – have since expanded. Today, we can relax in medical and wellness hotels where guests can simultaneously enjoy all the benefits a spa has to offer. We can sample the best of world spa culture from traditional medicinal water cures and ancient healing techniques to the advantages of 21st century device-based status assessments.
Come and experience the SpaRenaissance at the NaturMed Hotel Carbona in Hévíz, as our mission is to promote health-conscious lifestyles.


Our Best Medical award-winning hotel offers international spa treatments as well as traditional cures, soul-caressing wellness therapies, relaxation techniques and modern device-based diagnostics to preserve your health.


The word spa itself stands for “sanus per aquam” which is Latin for “health through water”. Another explanation is that that the name of the Belgian city, Spa means deep well. Carbona offers the best of both worlds to its guests. Experiencing the very best of world spa cultures and lifestyle therapies is like standing at the brink of the fountain of life – there are plenty of reserves to draw on.
Hévíz is also a city featuring one of Europe’s most unique sources of thermal water. One of the key elements of the various wellness therapies, medical spa treatments and health preservation programs is the traditional thermal water-based balneology cure which is particularly recommended for musculoskeletal diseases. Thanks to the spa experiences, even therapies which are undeservedly considered outdated – despite their proven effectiveness – are charged with a new meaning, such as medicinal water drinking cures, mud baths and packs, not to mention cupping therapy or therapeutic massages based on ancient experiences.
These tried and tested therapies are nicely supplemented by modern status assessment devices which provide a comprehensive overview of the condition of the human body. If you undergo a treatment appropriate to your characteristics, you have a greater chance of achieving successful results and the renewal of your body.


Perhaps you don’t have six months of leave to journey from Bretagne through India all the way to Japan to seek out the best lifestyle therapies? All the pampering therapies that people journey for throughout the world can be discovered at arm’s length from your home. Even a few days of resting in Hévíz can offer a taste of spa experiences and let you do a lot for the sake of your health.

Our therapists, the masters of authentic cures and professionals recognized across Europe provide professional assistance in choosing the right treatments and therapies.

The medical spa facility is supplemented by 1000 square meters of water surface, featuring a leisure pool, a thermal bath reminiscent of the Roman period, swimming pool and sauna world. If you would like your inner beauty to shine on the outside, our beauty salon is at your disposal, combining French elegance with natural cosmetic procedures.