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Bathing is one of the most important elements of a hotel stay, whether it’s for wellness purposes, a health cure or attending a conference. Water provides a feeling of reassurance and positive energies, while cleansing, fortifying and lending a sense of joy. Come and indulge in these experiences at our bathing facility, with over 1000 square meters of water surface spread across 3 baths and 9 pools.

One of the most popular spots for guests is the open-air leisure pool with a wide range of features and a Mediterranean-style sunbathing garden, where guests can enjoy the warm rays of sunshine in the spring and summer months, and the silence of nature, the warm water and misty air in the winter. The teenager pool next to the leisure pool is open throughout the summer months, so children wouldn’t have to go without fun and entertainment. The thermal bath reminiscent of the Roman period is for quiet relaxation and regeneration, while the indoor sports swimming pool with various sauna and steam bath facilities provides assistance for active lifestyles.


The open-air leisure pool, sunbathing terrace and grill garden offers a pleasant pastime and light-hearted recreation for all ages. The various neck and back jet massages, jet massage beds and jacuzzis guarantee complete refreshment. The flower garden surrounding the leisure pool is a spectacular sight in the summer months. Child water slides, a paddling pool and a playground offer plenty of fun for the little ones, while teenagers can play ball and jump into the water of the teenage pool as much as they want.

The leisure pool is surrounded by a sea of lovely flowers from the spring to the autumn months and it feels great to rest on comfortable deckchairs in the shade of the trees.
The leisure pool is open from 7 am to 9 pm in the summer months and from 10 am to 6 pm in the winter period.


A wealth of adventures for kids, and peace and quiet for adults! Simply referred to as the teenager pool, this pool is favored by older children who won’t settle with “merely” swimming in the warm, silky smooth water, but long for much more: real aquatic adventures, jumping, splashing and playing with a ball in the water….

At our hotel, we let teenagers have fun without a lifeguard telling them off and having to face the disapproving stares of the other guests.
The teenager pool is open in July and August during the opening hours of the leisure pool.
Opening hours: in July and August, every day from 10 am to 8 pm


Our grand (25 ×12.5 m) indoor sports swimming pool is located immediately next to the outdoor leisure pool. It’s open every day from 7 am to 9 pm for guests who prefer active recreation and exercise. Try the unique wellness pool and massage your body in the water from head to toe.

Once you’ve thoroughly exercised your body, immerse yourself in the peace and calm of the resting room or pamper your body and soul at our sauna facility, where you can visit Finnish and textile saunas, aroma cabins, various steam baths equipped with special showers, a salt cave, tepidarium and plunge pool.


Enjoy our sauna ceremonies on weekends and holidays and experience the refreshing and skin-hydrating effect of salt and honey sauna dousing or the mineral replenishing effect of the fruity-vitamin sauna ceremonies. We particularly recommend the ‘intoxicating and ecstatic’ experience of beer dousing for men, which has an additional, naturally beneficial effect on the body.
The price of the sauna events led by a sauna master is HUF 500/person/event. Appointments can be requested from the lifeguard at least half an hour before the start of the event. The sauna facility is open every day from 8 am to 9 pm.


At the thermal bath reminiscent of the Roman period, guests can enjoy the beneficial effects of the medicinal waters of Hévíz in luxurious surroundings.
As a feature unique to Hévíz, there are 2 pools in the hotel’s thermal water bath. The pools are filled with medicinal water with a composition and temperature identical to Lake Hévíz. The pools are replenished every day by fresh thermal water from the hotel’s dedicated spring. The well of the Rudi spring is located at the edge of the thermal water pool, topped by a turtle as a symbol of long life. Hévíz thermal water is also suitable as a drinking cure.



Apart from the 2 pools, there are 2 additional whirlpools, a resting area and a Kneipp treading pool, where guests can refresh themselves in the morning by treading on pebbles for a few minutes in the cold water.
The traction bath hall encased in white marble is located directly next to the thermal bath, with a design that is worthy of perhaps the greatest Hévíz treatment of all, the traction bath. The effectiveness of the traction bath treatment is enhanced by the medicinal water and the unique interior design.


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