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Thalasso therapy: beauty and healing from the sea.

The notion of Thalasso therapy comes from the combination of the Greek words Thalassa (sea) and Therapeia (cure).

During the Thalasso Therapy, we pamper You with various baths, packs and combined treatments, for which we use curative and nourishing sea-based materials, algae and mud, provided by the Thal’ion firm at the cutting edge of Thalasso Therapy. The company based at the largest natural algae colony in the world, at the shores of Bretagne in France, processes the most precious algae while caring for nature and the environment.

The products used for the treatments, as well as those for home use, yield all the natural beneficial effects of sea and algae.

Thalasso massages | Thalasso Tired Leg programme | Thalasso body treatments | Thalasso body wraps

Duration: 60 min.
A detoxifying ritual which also improves the whole body’s supply of oxygen, thus boosting mental and physical performance.
16 700 HUF
Duration: 20 min.
Magnesium is indispensible for the whole body, yet also plays a vital role in the function of the nervous system and muscles. Special attention must be paid to proper magnesium intake when undergoing intensive exercise, pregnancy or if the body is under too much stress.
10 400 HUF
Duration: 20 min.
This treatment is a veritable boon for the skin! It provides for the skin's hydration, enhancing its tone and making it more flexible while charging it with youthful energy.
6 200 HUF
Duration: 30 min.
It is highly effective because of the mixture of unique micronised seaweed complex, which easily absorbs and promptly releases its substances.
11 800 HUF
Duration: 45 min.
M.E.R. massage is a relaxing, harmonising massage evoking the wave motion of the sea.
15 500 HUF
Duration: 45 min.
The massage is applied with a non-oily fluid gel made of dried isotonic sea water.
11 400 HUF
Duration: 30 min.
During the treatment, the gel applied to the legs exerts its eff ect wrapped in fi lm. The minerals in the gel stimulate numerous basic functions of the body.
8 200 HUF
Duration: 50 min.
The first step is the peeling of the whole lower limbs surface with a natural sea-derived scrub. It is followed by a genuine seawater spray, then the refreshing gel is spread on the limbs. Next a bandage process is performed with the application of essential oil, sea salt and trace element solution.
16 700 HUF
Duration: 60 min.
The Thalasso balneotherapy treatments start with body peeling, so that the surface of your skin can get rid of the dead skin cells, and so that the active agents originating from the sea in the special bath following the peeling can exert their effect more easily.
14 000 HUF
Duration: 30 min.
It contains all the minerals and trace elements that can be found in sea water in their ionic form.
8 000 HUF
Duration: 30 min.
In this wrap the beautifying, refreshing and slimming effect of the brown seaweed and the curing effect of the calcium, magnesium in the red seaweed are combined.
9 600 HUF