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Located next to the swimming pool, the sauna facility is capable of satisfying a wide range of needs, featuring Finnish and textile saunas, aroma cabins, various steam baths equipped with special showers, a salt cave, tepidarium and plunge pool.
Enjoy our sauna ceremonies on weekends and holidays and experience the skin-hydrating effect of the salt and honey sauna dousing, the refreshing sense of the icy dousing or the mineral replenishing effect of the fruity-vitamin sauna ceremonies. We particularly recommend the ‘intoxicating and ecstatic’ experience of beer dousing for men, which has an additional, naturally beneficial effect on the body.
The price of the sauna events led by a sauna master is HUF 500/person/event. Appointments can be requested from the lifeguard at least half an hour before the start of the event. The sauna facility is open every day from 8 am to 9 pm.


    • 80-95 °C
    • 5-30% Humidity

“Your cares and woes are washed away in the sauna” (Finnish saying)
Recommended sauna use takes place in an 80-95-degree Celsius room with 5-30% humidity, gradually increasing the time of the stay in multiple stages. The hot and dry sweating should always be followed by cooling off in cold water and resting. We’ve installed a plunge pool and rest room in the sauna facility for this purpose.
Sauna use has a great vegetative nervous system stabilizing and regulating effect. It can be easily combined with therapeutic treatments, such as various massages.
The golden rule of sauna use is the sensation of comfort – guests should visit the sauna as often and for as long as they wish, alternating cold and warmth until they retain this sense of comfort.
Sauna poses no health risks for people in good health and instead provides a relaxing, comforting sensation. It’s a great chance for unwinding and refreshment for body and spirit alike. For decades, saunas have been regarded as a major source of health and energy.


    • 80-90 °C
    • approx. 20% Humidity

We wish to cater to all needs, therefore thanks to the New Hungary Investment Plan, our hotel has created a beautiful, new textile sauna next to the original sauna facility. The textile sauna is the right solution for guests who don’t wish to get undressed in the sauna or who feel uneasy in the presence of other naked guests in the sauna.


    • 60-65 °C
    • 5-30% Humidity

This offers sauna use at lower temperatures around 60-65 degrees Celsius coupled with various aromatic oils. Depending on the kind of oil inhaled, this can have a relaxing or refreshing effect.


    • 45-50 °C
    • 90-95% Humidity

If the temperature is too high for you, try relaxing in humid mists of steam around 45-50 degrees Celsius. This is guaranteed to make you sweat, thanks to the approx. 90-95% humidity of the room. Not only does the warm air help you relax, it also releases endorphin – happiness hormones – in the body.


    • 20-22 °C
    • 70-80% Humidity

For centuries, it has been a well-known fact that the climate of salt chambers and salty sea air has a beneficial effect on the human body, particularly on the respiratory system.
The saturated salt solution found in salt chambers, containing only natural substances, is capable of artificially reproducing the climate of salt chambers or salty sea air. The fumes of the solution and the salt bricks soaked in the solution create a relative humidity of 70-80% in the chamber. The solution eliminates the presence of pollutants, e.g. dust, smoke and plant pollens, therefore the dust-free, clean air filled with salt and minerals is a real breath of fresh air for people who suffer from respiratory diseases, such as asthma or allergies. The climate of the salt chamber stimulates the activity of the respiratory organs and self-cleansing processes, loosening mucus within the body, thus mitigating and alleviating inflammatory conditions (e.g. inflamed sinuses) and catarrh diseases.
It’s recommended to spend 30-40 minutes a day in the salt chamber in order to enhance the sense of well-being. The chamber has a temperature of 20-22 degrees Celsius.


    • 28-29 °C
    • 30-40% Humidity

A unique location within the sauna facility, whisking guests away to distant sea shores. The warm salt room lets visitors literally tread on warm salt, just as on a sandy beach, while enjoying the beneficial effects of the humid, salty, warm air.
The warm salt room facilitates the harmonious function of the immune and nervous systems. The vibrations of salt crystals and its negative ionizing effect can mitigate stress-related conditions and soothe the nervous system. The relaxing effect is heightened by pleasant music and color therapy lights.
The warm salt room is also suitable for children, as the little ones can “play in the sand” instead of being forced to sit still during the treatment – the relief comes while playing.


    • 37-39 °C

Originally, the word tepidarium meant “gentle warmth”. This is no coincidence, as the temperature of the tepidarium is merely a few degrees higher than the body’s normal temperature.
Guests can strengthen their immune systems in the tepidarium without any medication and prevent diseases while relaxing in comfort. Regular visits to the tepidarium can prove effective against colds, rheumatism, allergies, high blood pressure as well as cardiovascular diseases.
The tepidarium places no burden on the body, so you can stay as long as you wish during your visits.