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Status assessments

Beyond rest, relaxation and stress relief, there’s another reason to choose a hotel stay for the sake of your health, instead of visiting a hospital. Trust us when we say that you can take truly effective steps for your health in a calm, hotel environment!

Apart from traditional cures, we have everything you need to establish the balance of your body: the NaturMed Health Program offers customized status assessments and solution proposals.

Our status assessment programs give an overview of your health in a comfortable manner without any extended waiting! You can discuss assessment data gained through a questionnaire and modern medical devices with our physicians and listen to the suggestions of our dieticians and lifestyle counselor. The success of the health preservation programs compiled by our experts greatly depends on receiving treatments which suit your individual characteristics and physique. The experience of our permanent staff of 3 physicians is your guarantee of success.

Duration: 30 min.
The ES-Teck is a non-invasive medical equipment for survey the state of the body, which easily and quickly informs about the current state of health of human body.
17 900 HUF
Duration: 15 min.
A complete assessment of one’s physical condition (medical examination, Voll’s electroacupuncture diagnostics and sole examination) and specialist consultation in 2 hours with no operation and radiation.
17 900 HUF
Duration: 10 min.
It is a process serving the survey of the heart’s status. The machine collects the electric signals via the electrodes placed on the limbs and on the chest. Before the examination blood pressure and pulse are taken.
4 400 HUF
Duration: 20 min.
This mechano therapy device is suitable for examining and treating backaches and spine problems, and for analysing the muscular and joint system by a computer and treating it.
17 900 HUF